My own 13 year old retriever mix ruptured her right cruciate ligament last sept. she is lean, no trauma to the leg but had a partial tear probably going on for a year before she just went up the stairs wrong and there went that ligament. She had had major surgery just a year before and I was really reluctant to put her through surgery, so I put her on previcox and basically cage rest which she hated. then I literally just saw the ad for the brace in vet practice news, called and got her measured up and recieved the brace. I put her in it with the rigid bars and she was walking on the leg easily in the brace that day. she went about 4 weeks in the rigid bars, then I switched to the flexible ones when she jumped on the couch. She was out of the brace in 4 more weeks and doing well. 2 months ago she ruptured the left ligament when she turned quickly to spot a squirrel. So I ordered the right brace. When I xrayed the right leg undersedation, I also xrayed the left to evaluate it. She had no visible inflammation of the knee joint on xray, no laxity in the joint undersedation either. She is doing well in the right brace – she routinely flops down in the grass when I take her out to eliminate, rolls and rubs all around and basically acts like her goofy self. She came up the stairs last night ( I live in an old 2 story house) so I think it is time to take the rods out completely and go off and on with the brace. I have kept it on all the time through her recovery.

She has been on previcox ( 227mg for 55 lb dog) sid, 1 dermcap es. and eukanuba senior plus. I think the combination of pain/inflamm relief, life stage nutrition and the way the brace works all contributed to an excellent recovery. some dogs really need surgery asap to relieve pain and have some leg function. for dogs that may not be able to handle surgery or due to money problems or just the client can not decide what to do yet, use the brace. It works well, and I can see how it would really help with the surgical cases. It will also save a dogs life if the owner feels that it is surger or euthanasia. It may look cumbersome, but there is no problem with urination, defecation or walking. It is a bit tricky to put it on the first time, but follow the instructions at it all works out well.

Thanks so much for developing the brace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Sally Foote
Okaw Veterinary Clinic Tuscola

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