I am writing to thank you for offering a wonderful product. In late June, my nine year old Shitzu-Poodle suffered a full tear on her back ACL. She could not put any weight on her leg and was having trouble even walking a few feet to go potty. She has been sick for a year with bleeding problems, on lots of medication – prednisone and cyclosporine. With low platelet counts, surgery was not a good solution. We actually discussed putting her to sleep. It was so devastating….

Looking for options, I found your website and was shocked when Dr. Spatt personally returned my call. A second conversation with a helpful lady helped me realize that Tina was probably better with the XXS brace that had been discontinued. With caution, we decided to try the XS and it arrived a few days later. Putting it on the first time was a bit confusing, but I figured it out, and it made an immediate difference. She was able to bear some weight on the leg, and the improvement continues each day. It has now been two weeks. Day by day, she seems stronger and more confident about taking longer distances walking with all four legs, hardly a limp. She’s also learned to gallop on three legs, and she still chooses that occasionally. But either way, she is mobile. She seems happy. And she does not seem to mind the brace at all. She’s actually quite cooperative when we put it on in the morning, as if she understands that it helps her. She acts more like a “real” dog each day. She’s even figured out how to go upstairs (yet I try to stop her). In fact, yesterday she gave a rabbit a good chase for 10 yards or so!

I hope this story makes you happy to know what a difference you’ve made for my dog, and the family who loves her dearly. I tell everyone who will listen, that the A-Trac brace is a wonderful alternative. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best regards,


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