Successful Rehabilitation with A-TraC Dynamic Brace – Doc

Doc wearing A-trac brace

Doc wearing his brace! (Michele says ignore his “bad summer haircut”)

Dear Carly and Dr. Spatt,

My husband and I are thrilled with the successful rehabilitation of Doc, our Australian Shepherd, by way of the A-TraC Brace.

Our vet highly recommended traditional ACL surgery as the “Gold Standard” but having had success using alternative methods on other issues, I learned about your company on the internet. We first corresponded the end of July 2013 and Carly understood my desire for thorough answers. She was so very helpful with ordering the best fit for Doc.

Due to his very agreeable nature, he never hesitated putting on the brace. The few times that we didn’t put it on him first thing in the morning would result in him mincingly walking over and swinging his body against me as if, “I’m here and ready!” His walking ability would immediately improve as soon as it was on and he would be ready for whatever amount of action we would allow him to have that day.

This December, he’s gone without it most of the time and with monitored activity on our acreage. He has had two unexpected burst runs without any repercussions but we will do our best to limit that so we won’t have setbacks.

We have kept his mind and energy happy by tossing his favorite squeaky toys straight up in the air so he can visually track and trap them, and also hiding treats around the house that he has to hunt for … He’s never shown depression over the more limited movement; in fact, we’d say that he seemed more secure in short neighborhood walks and in our yard knowing that he wouldn’t be stranded in pain not being about to get back as were his first two weeks after his injury.

Trying to assist his repair, we were already feeding him Precise SensiCare, a modified BARF diet and raw turkey necks for the cartilage. I also supplement with a human grade MSM/glucosamine capsule, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. Hopefully everything has worked together to get him back to this wonderful stage of health.

Thank you so very much for creating this product. I’ll keep spreading the word for you!

-Michele P.

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