Scamper Recovers with A-Trac Brace –
Bilateral Tear (video)


I wanted to just say thank you so much for coming up with the A-trac Dynamic Brace. My dog, Scamper, tore his left ACL when he was 9 yrs and surgery was not an option due to his hips. He recovered but then tore his right ACL when he was 10yrs old. Surgery still was not an option and I didn’t know what to do since his old injury wasn’t strong enough to stabilize him. My poor boy couldn’t walk without the support of a towel and I had to carry him down steps or out to potty.

Research led me to your website and I could clearly tell that this was not only the most affordable brace but also the best designed and most comfortable for my pup. Delivery was prompt and customer service was excellent when I had questions with the fitting. Scamper, now 11 yrs, has come so incredibly far in almost 6 months. I am an RVT and I recommend this brace to everyone who can’t afford surgery or if surgery is not an option due to age or health concerns. I want to share with you a video I made of Scamper’s recovery with the braces. Since he has bilateral tears I wanted stabilization on both knees and your brace did that for him.


Thank you so much,

-Jenny P.

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