I have nothing but positive things to say about the A-traC system. My pooch Milo is a 85lb mixed lab breed that blew out his left ACL when he was about a year old. We opted for the surgery and rehab which was costly and extensive. Keeping a year old lab quite for the 6 months of rehab was near impossible. Fast forward 6 years and his right knee finally blew out which is apparently common. Surgery was the only recommendation from our vet. Not fancying the cost and rehab time, I searched the internet for an alternate solution. It was there that I came upon the A-traC system. Milo was not even toeing on his right foot and I was very concerned about the left knee blowing out again. With in one week of using the A-traC braces (I opted for braces for both knees) he was putting weight on the bad leg. After about 4 months of using the braces, he no longer needs them. He can run and jump with out issue. He is not 100% but I would give him a solid 85% for sure. We followed the suggested program fairly closely giving him breaks out of the braces every 2-3 days for overnight. Once you put them on a few times you get your method down.

Thank you A-traC for giving me many more years with my best friend! Compared to my previous experience with surgery, the cost and effectiveness of the A-traC system is well worth it.


-Shawn J.
Eugene, Oregon


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