Dr. Spatt,

I wanted to take a few minutes to send you an email.  I took Izzy, my 13 year old husky mix in for her hind leg to a specialty vet just outside of Detroit who was recommended by my regular vet.  They wanted something on the order of $4,000 to operate on her leg.  It was painful, but I was prepared to max out my credit card to take care of her.  On the day of the surgery, the specialty vet I took her to wanted to run some blood work because of something they found in the paperwork from my regular vet.  I left Izzy there with a bad feeling.  They then called and wanted to do an ultrasound on her abdomen and they found some sort of growth.  The specialty vet told me they wanted to investigate this because it could be more serious than her leg.  This would cost me an additional $4,000.  In a panic, I started to run through my mind what I could sell in order to cover this additional cost. What threw me over the edge was when this vet is asking me for  permission, over the phone, to do this and said to me “if we open her up and it looks bad, we’ll call you to see if you want us to put her down”.  I couldn’t take it any more, I hadn’t even had a chance to say goodbye to my girl, and all I wanted was for her leg to feel better in the first place.

I got in my car and went to pick her up, paid them $800 for their “tests” and took her home to re-evaluate what I was going to do.  I got to thinking about a brace for her leg, since humans have braces, and I found your website.  At a couple of hundred dollars, it was well worth the risk of trying something unconventional.  My regular vet didn’t want to recommend your product because she didn’t know anything about it.  I didn’t care, I ordered it anyway.  We got the brace a few days later, and Izzy wore it quite a lot for several weeks afterwards and we weened her off of it.

That took place about 7 months ago.  She has been up and around for months now, and while she’s slow, I don’t think she’s any worse off now then any other 13 year old dog.  She goes on her daily walk, and even has a bit of fight left in her to wrestle with my two year old husky.

The last round of tests have shown that whatever it is in her abdomen, it’s not growing fast enough to worry about.  You and your product saved me thousands of dollars and greatly improved the quality of life Izzy has for whatever length of time we have left with her.  Our vet has also been extremely impressed and said she would feel comfortable recommending your product after seeing the huge improvement.  Before your brace, Izzy could barely put weight on her leg and constantly limped and cried.  Now, she’s ready for a rumble.

Thank you very much for your product, and the care you put into designing it.

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