Our 13 year old beagle/lab mix tore his ACL while walking with our new puppy. We really couldn’t afford the surgery, so our wonderful vet did some research and found the ACL brace. Grover has had a problem with chewing on himself, so we were all worried that he would chew on the brace. We put it on him, and he LOVES it. After just a few short weeks, he was able to do his 1/2 mile walk again. He’s tired when he gets home, but he loves to go. After 6 months, he is unfortunately able to steal food off the counter tops again. He runs and plays with the puppy. We’ve taken it off for a day to give him a break, and he’s always limping more without it. We put it back on, and he’s great! He and the puppy team up – he digs the holes, and the puppy escapes. He’s like a puppy himself.

Thanks so much for creating this brace. All of our friends that see him in it feel sorry for him at first – until they realize how mobile and happy he is. Our vet is so happy about the results. Grover just went in for a checkup and the vet said he was in GREAT shape for an almost 14 year old dog.

Christie Mah
Houston, TX

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