Brace for Molly Maxwell

Hi there,

Got the brace & started using Friday. OMG!!!!!!! Molly thanks you, I thank
you, her dog brothers & sister thank you. Fit, perfect. Easy, easy, easy to
apply. Since Molly is used to a harness the only differences were brace &
cuff. Went on real easy even with her big feet. No resistance at all from
her and she began to walk immediately. Mind you, she was completely
non-weight bearing prior to the brace, though she had gotten real good on 3

This is day 3. We have done our daily walks & every time we get close to
home Molly slows down & starts to lag behind trying to extend her outing.
Molly hadn’t had a walk for almost 3 weeks & we hadn’t taken the other 3
because we didn’t want to leave her behind. Now there are 4 happy dogs.

I just can’t thank you enough for creating this fabulous device. Our male
Springer tore his ACL a few years back, not near as badly, but the healing
process & trying to maintain minimum movement were a PIA. Wish I had known
about this back then.

Thank you,
Stacey Maxwell

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