This is Monique from England wanting to give you feedback on the brace that Kristi is wearing. She is doing really well and accepted the brace extremely quickly. I would say that within 2 days she was acting and walking completely normally. The brace is giving her knee the support she needs and she is now almost fully weight bearing on the bad leg. Until she was wearing her brace she would start to hop after 15 mins of walking and now, just a month on, this week we have been doing 2 one hour walks a day and she is fine!! She is able to run and sniff and act like a normal dog again.

I cant thank you enough for giving her back good movement quality and for such a wonderful product. I was always disinclined to go for this surgery and Kristi was not a good surgical candidate anyway. I’m really glad I trusted my instincts and went down this route instead. I would wholeheartedly endorse this product to other dog owners.

Good luck with all your future patients !!



Monique Webb

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