Dear Joel,

Last year, I bought two braces from you for my Westie, Fanny, and successfully restored her legs after first a right and then, several months later, a left rear ACL.

I am very appreciative that the WoundWear brace was available to us for Fanny’s recovery.

I am writing with a follow-up question. You were incredibly helpful to me before, and I hope that you will be able to advise me now.

It has been about a year since the second ACL tear and she has been walking well for many, many months. I have, however, continued to be very cautious and protective of her legs and movements. For example, we don’t take her on long walks, and she doesn’t play with other dogs, as I am concerned about all of the jerky play moves.

My question is this….should I remain cautious…. or, now that she is walking well again, are her legs as good as or better than new? Is it likely that she can be reinjured?

Now, a year post healing…what is the likely state of her legs and their stability. I would like to be able to return her to her former activity level but am unable to determine it this is appropriate now or if it will ever be appropriate for her again.

I know that you can only generalize and will not be speaking about Fanny’s case specifically. Your guidance and suggestions will be so greatly appreciated.

My best to you and your wife.

With gratitude,


Dr. Spatt’s Advice:


What I would do for now is to keep Fanny in the brace just at the times she is going to be more active. If after maybe a month I would take her out of the brace entirely. Of course there is no guarantee that she can’t injure herself again but I would think this would be a low possibility. Injuries can occur just as the original ones. At any rate this is what I would recommend if you want to get her out of the brace. Any questions call us at 800-443-4055.

Dr. Joel F. Spatt

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