Dr. Spatt:

Cuddles (13 YO male Alaskan Malamute) is progressing wonderfully with his 2 braces on his rear legs. Right rear leg (tore ACL 12/17/14) is now able to support weight (120 lbs.) so he can cock his left rear leg (tore ACL 7/13) & pee. Once or twice a week we remove both braces, check for rubbing areas, massage both legs & just let he have time w/o the braces to see how he’s doing. He’s walking very well w/o the braces putting full weight on both rear legs. We keep him contained to avoid chasing cats again while healing. We’ll continue the braces probably for another 4 wks. gradually walking him w/o the brace for short periods, progressing to longer periods. Right now, we’re taking it slow since both legs have now been injured. Your braces have once again performed a miracle allowing my baby to walk again. He loves his morning walks & would be a depressed dog without them.

Thanks again for providing a quality product that actually works.

Robin Moore & Cuddles

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