Dog Knee Brace for ACL Tear – A-Trac Dynamic Brace

Dog Cruciate Injury Brace
for Conservative Management

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Research led me to your website and I could clearly tell that this was not only the most affordable brace but also the best designed and most comfortable for my pup. Delivery was prompt and customer service was excellent when I had questions with the fitting. Scamper, now 11 yrs, has come so incredibly far in almost 6 months. I am an RVT and I recommend this brace to everyone who can’t afford surgery or if surgery is not an option due to age or health concerns. I want to share with you a video I made of Scamper’s recovery with the braces. Since he has bilateral tears I wanted stabilization on both knees and your brace did that for him.

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Watch Scamper heal his torn ACL by using the Woundwear A-TraC Dynamic Brace

Components & Features

  • Three layer laminated Neoprene TM skin provides durability, comfort and flexibility.
  • Inner layer is non-irritating and non-adhering for maximum comfort for the shaved leg.
  • Outer layer provides additional strength and flexibility.
  • Adjustability at 8 to 9 different points for maximum customization.
  • Interchangeable rods provide for adjustability of range of motion at the stifle joint as healing and rehabilitation progresses.
  • Brace is stabilized at three points: the braced leg, cuff on opposite thigh, and tether to collar.

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The A-TraC Dynamic Brace (Anti-Translational brace) was designed to be used as a an alternative to surgery for conservative management of Cruciate ligament injuries in canines. The A-TraC Dynamic Brace can also be used after Cruciate surgery to help protect the repair. There was a need for a more conservative non-invasive approach to treating a cruciate ligament tear. The A-TraC Dynamic Brace is a soft brace made with Neoprene and Lycra which is durable and lightweight while still offering the support needed to stabilize the knee. We at WoundWear Inc. believe that a soft brace is more comfortable for the dog and offers better stability and support then a hard or rigid brace. The A-TraC Dynamic Brace offers another option for those pet owners that do not want to choose surgery first for reasons such as; age, expense, prior health issues, the risk of complications and a long and restricted recovery time. Because of these surgical risks and issues we believe that surgery should be chosen as a last resort after conservative brace treatment due to the A-TraC Brace’s lack of significant complications and excellent success rates.
Why Choose a soft brace for your dog?

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Holiday Promotion! Call us and Use Promo “Holiday Dog” for FREE Overnight Shipping ($46 value)

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