What type of treatment is available?

1. Rest for minor injuries
2. Stifle or Knee Bracing for persistent injuries to prevent progression of the injury and decrease the risk of opposite leg injury. Bracing is 90% effective and has minimal complications associated with its use. Bracing can not only allow the dog
normal ambulation with it on but can allow for healing of the Stifle in 75 to 80%
of dogs. Bracing allows for normal rotational movement at the Stifle joint while
preventing abnormal forward slippage of the tibia at the Stifle joint.
3. Physical therapy including underwater treadmill, Laser, Prolotherapy and possibly Stem cell therapy. All of these can help either strengthen the affected leg or increase scar tissue formation to the heal the ligament.
The effectiveness of the above Physical Therapies depends heavily on preventing re-injury of the ligament. Bracing accomplishes this and is effective in 90% of dogs. When effective bracing also allows more normal weight bearing on the affected leg and therefore decreases the risk of injury to the opposite leg. If surgery becomes necessary bracing can help increase the success of the surgical procedure do to increased stability.

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