What is the typical age of dogs that have problems with their ACL?

Question: What is the typical age of dogs that have problems with their ACL?

Answer: There is no typical age for ACL problems. Unfortunately, it can happen to a dog of any age, even puppies! However, it is more common in older dogs. Dogs that are 7 years and older are certainly more prone to knee injuries. More mature dogs tend to suffer ACL issues resulting from “wear and tear” as they age, whereas younger dogs typically experience traumatic ACL tears.

Here at woundwear.com, we have conservatively treated dogs ranging in ages from puppies as young as 6-months-old to 2-years-old all the way to dogs that are considered “seniors” at 12 or 13+ years old.

Also note, that a 10-year-old miniature poodle cannot be compared to a 10-year-old Rottweiler. It is important that you obtain the proper diagnosis from your veterinarian.

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