What does a Cruciate Injury mean and how does it affect my dog?

The Cruciate ligament is found in the dog’s knee, and other primates knees such ashumans. There are other cruciate ligaments but for this discussion we are concentratingon the ones found in the knee joint or stifle joint. The Cruciate ligaments are called this because they form a cross within the knee. Boththe Anterior and Posterior ligaments are found in the knee joint or stifle joint of the dog.The Anterior or Cranial Cruciate ligament is found within the knee joint and runs fromthe top of the joint (meaning the bottom of the Femur) to the bottom of the joint (meaningthe top of the tibia). The reason it is called the Anterior or Cranial Cruciate is becauseit runs at an angle from the rear top of the joint to the front bottom of the joint. ThePosterior Cruciate or Caudal Cruciate ligament runs in the opposite angle from the topfront of the Femur to the back or rear of the (bottom of the joint) top of the tibia. Theyform an X within the joint.

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