About Dog Stifle Braces (Knee Joint)

A dog stifle brace performs just as a human knee ACL brace does. A dog stifle brace blocks the forward slipping at the Stifle joint (Knee Joint) do to tearing of the Anterior or Cranial Cruciate ligament. Our A-TraC Dynamic Brace is the #1 brace in the world and is made specifically for dogs with mostly strong soft materials. Our Rods are made of a special alloy material that has special characteristics such as elasticity allowing for normal range of motion and resistance to compression and elongation which prevent abnormal range of motion.

In developing WoundWear’s A-TraC Dynamic brace, I selected soft but very strong materials (as opposed to the typical hard plastics used in human braces) to make our brace more comfortable for the dog to wear. I invented the first brace for ACL injuries as none existed prior to this. We were the first brace that was introduced to the Veterinary market in 2004 and we have sold over 14,000 braces during that time. Our A-TraC Dynamic brace has about a 90% success with the dog bearing more weight on the dog’s leg. Of this 90% about 75 to 80% go on to heal.

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