Why Choose a Soft Cruciate Brace for your Dog?

Dino with A-TraC Dyanmic Brace - cruciate ligament tearThe A-TraC Dynamic Brace was developed back in 2001 and was the first Cruciate brace available for dogs. At that time there were no real alternative treatment options for surgery when a dog was diagnosed with a Cruciate Ligament injury. Today there are many companies selling braces for dogs with this injury as it is extremely common and occurs in all different ages, sizes and breeds. The majority of the other companies have designed hard braces that are created by getting a cast or mold of the dog’s leg and then sending it in to be made. There are several issues with this type of brace.

One issue is that the dog usually has to be sedated by the vet to get the cast made, which is hard on the dog as well as costly for the owner. Another problem is that the dog is lying down while getting the thigh measurements taken. That can result in inaccurate measurements due to the muscles being relaxed. These hard and custom braces can take 7-9 days or longer to be made. Plus the cost starts around $800 depending on the size.

The Benefits of a Soft Brace

Our brace can be measured by the customer themselves by simply following our instructional videos online. You do not need to spend additional money at the vet’s office to get the dog sedated or measured. The other benefit is our brace can arrive at your home in 3 to 4 business days after placing your order. Plus the A-TraC Dynamic Brace only costs between $325-$390 for a one sided brace set. We also have a Bilateral brace available for under $600 for all sizes.

Our brace is not hinged or plastic and works with a harness system to keep the brace in place. The brace is made of Neoprene and Lycra which is soft but durable and much more comfortable for your dog. It comes with two sets of tension rods: A LROM (limited range of motion), and a TROM (total range of motion). These rods go in our brace and stabilize the knee while allowing for the appropriate range of motion while your dog is healing.

The other benefit of our brace is that it is adjustable and can allow for changes in weight as well as muscle growth developing back in the affected leg. Other hard braces require you to send the brace back and have it altered to accommodate your dog’s changes and leaving you without . There is no perfect treatment or equipment for a dog with a Cruciate Ligament Injury but our soft brace offers you a more comfortable, efficient and cost effective option.

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