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A-TraC Dynamic Brace®

The #1 Canine Cruciate Brace in the World over 6,500 sold!

Watch Zep’s Cruciate Ligament Recovery

Is your dog suffering from a cruciate ligament injury?

Did you know the costly surgery does not have a 100% success rate?

Our A-TraC Dynamic Brace can help your dog recover quickly!

What is a Cruciate injury and how does the A-TraC Dynamic Brace work?

The Anterior or Cranial Cruciate ligament helps to hold the knee or stifle joint together. An abnormal forward shifting motion at the knee or stifle joint is the end result of tearing the anterior or cranial cruciate ligament. Lameness, or inability to bare weight on the affected leg initially results from the pain and swelling of the initial injury but subsequently results from the pain caused by the unstable knee or stifle joint.
The patent pending A-TraC Dynamic Brace® is the first brace of its kind introduced for dogs. Our brace is designed to treat canine cruciate injuries. A- TraC” stands for “anti-translational cruciate” brace which it prevents anterior or cranial (abnormal forward shifting) movement of the tibia on the femur. “Dynamic” infers that the brace is not static in its design. The A-TraC Dynamcic Brace while preventing abnormal motion, allows for normal motion against resistance to provide rehabilitation of the knee while it heals.

A-Trac Dyanmic Brace Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear (ACL)

Ducky running with Woundwear A-TraC Dyanmic Brace

Components & Features

  • Three layer laminated NeopreneTM skin provides durability, comfort and flexibility.
  • Inner layer is non-irritating and non-adhering for maximum comfort for the shaved leg.
  • Outer layer provides additional strength and flexibility.
  • Adjustability at 8 to 9 different points for maximum customization.
  • Interchangeable rods provide for adjustability of range of motion at the stifle joint as healing and rehabilitation progresses.
  • Brace is stabilized at three points: the braced leg, cuff on opposite thigh, and tether to collar.

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Dino with A-TraC Dyanmic Brace - cruciate ligament tear

Dino with A-TraC Dyanmic Brace

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