How Can I Get My Dog Exercise While Recovering From an ACL Injury

So you have just gotten back from your vet after spending over a $1000 to find out your dog has an ACL tear. You had never even heard of this injury and now it is all you can think about and all you see online.  You have decided after a lot of research online and talking to other dog owners that you are not going to choose surgery for your dog’s Cruciate Tear recovery.  You have decided to go with the A-TraC Dynamic Brace to use in your conservative  treatment  plan.  Your vet has said your dog is overweight and needs to lose weight in order to heal.

The problem is your dog needs to be on restricted activity with no running or jumping.  How can you get your dog exercise while they are recovering from  this injury? You received a Clinical Protocol with you’re A-TraC  Dynamic Brace that gives you guidelines for walking during their treatment.   During your 1st week it says, “Begin leash walks for 5 minutes 3 to 4 times per day. If during ambulation the dog seems to be struggling then discontinue walk. Note duration of time before dog began to struggle with ambulation and adjust future walks to that amount of time.”   Then for weeks 2 through 8 it says; “Add 3 minutes to the initial adjusted walk time and leash walk 3 to 4 times per day. Adjust walk time as above if dog begins to struggle with ambulation.  “ During the 9th week it says; “Continue with regular leash walks 3 – 4 times per day plus add walks up and down mild inclines (SEE INCLINE WALKS) as part of the regular walks.  Then it says after the 9th week to begin incline walks but they should be 5-10% and not to exceed 15%.  You can increase time on inclines by 3 minutes each week.

This is extremely helpful to have so that you know exactly what exercise dog can get during their Cruciate Tear recovery.  You also found out from research that water therapy and swimming is another great way to get your dog exercise without putting any strain on their joints.  Now with the help of the A-TraC Brace and restricted exercise you can get your dog to lose a few pounds and get on the road to a Cruciate Tear recovery.

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