Dog ACL Tear Conservative Care Treatment

ACL tear is no different than any other diagnosis that is not life threatening such as Contusions or Fractures etc. These in most cases can be treated relatively more conservatively. If necessary you can go on to more progressive procedures (i.e. Surgery). The principle is a simple one used in human medicine. “Do no harm”. Use a conservative treatment whenever possible. If the dog is not improving at all then surgery may be the next option. All the optional conservative treatments are great adjuncts to an ACL brace but think about it. If your dog is getting any of the quality non-surgical treatments (Laser treatments of the Stifle or underwater treadmill treatments) the ACL injury can recur or even worsen by re-injury without the protection of an ACL brace. The ACL brace protects the Stifle or Knee joint from excessive movement. There is no significant risks to an ACL Brace as there are for surgery. You don’t have to assume that surgery isn’t still an option if the Brace or unsuccessful, therefore, there is no risk in ACL Bracing first. Our Brace, the A-TraC Dynamic Brace was the first brace to be manufactured. It is a soft Brace with Biomechemically correct components. WoundWear, Inc. has sold over 16,000 braces with a success rate of about 90% if used properly. This means that your dog will adapt to the Brace and start walking with more weight on the affected leg and ultimately bare full weight on the affected limb. Of this 90% about 75% will go on to heal completely with this conservative ACL treatment, and will no longer require an ACL Brace.. In addition, surgery will increase
the rate of opposite Stifle ACL injury, while Bracing if successful will significantly diminish the risk of opposite leg injury.

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