Conservative Treatment Options for Dogs with ACL Tears

Doc wearing A-trac braceMany dog owners are now searching for conservative treatment options or conservative management for a dog’s ACL tear. No longer is it accepted that surgery should be a first choice of treatment for a Cruciate Ligament tear. Surgery is not only very expensive but comes with high risks and a very long recovery time. There are now many options available for conservative treatment or management of an ACL injury including: Bracing, laser therapy, acupuncture, underwater treadmill therapy and supplements.

The option that has shown the most positive results and highest success rates is bracing. The A-TraC Dynamic Brace, created by Woundwear Inc., has been around the longer than any other brace and has sold more than any other brand. The A-TraC Brace works by stabilizing the Stifle (knee joint of a dog) externally and allowing for healthy scar tissue to form internally. Healthy scar tissue can form after a period of 8-12 weeks of continued use of the brace with limited activity. When the brace works properly the new scar tissue will stabilize the Stifle as the CCL (Cranial Cruciate Ligament) once did.

There are no guarantees with any medical treatment or procedure. But the A-Trac Dynamic Brace’s success rate is unmatched: 90% of the dogs that use this brace will accommodate to it and begin to bear more weight on the affected leg. Of that 90%, 75-80% will recover and not need further treatment or surgery. The A-TraC Dynamic Brace has a high success rate with minimal risk to the dog. If surgery is necessary, then the brace can be used as an aid in post-surgical care. The use of bracing as conservative treatment or management for Cruciate Ligament injuries, offers a much less invasive and costly option for dogs and their owners.

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