Walking Your Dog With An ACL Brace

How do you walk your dog with an ACL Brace?

You have made the decision to purchase the A-TraC Dynamic Brace as the treatment option for your dog with a ACL injury.  Now the recovery process begins and you must get your dog comfortable with wearing and walking in the ACL brace.  It can take time for them to adjust to walking in the brace.  The first step to walking your dog in an ACL Brace is having them wearing it and walking very small distances.  Then as they adjust and recover you can increase the walk lengths gradually.  You will want to follow the Clinical Protocol that came with your brace closely as it will guide you in length and distance the walks should be over the 10-12 weeks of recovery time. You should also only start on flat surfaces and no inclines when first walking your dog with an ACL Brace.  Incline walks will only come later in the recovery process when the dog is strong enough.

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