Why Should You Choose An Orthopedic Brace For Your Dog?

Your dog is having a great time running around the yard playing with another dog when all of a sudden you hear a squeal and your dog is limping on three legs! You assume that it is probably just a sprain and it will be fine in a couple days. You never would have thought of an ACL or Cruciate Ligament Injury as a possibility since you had never even heard of it.

An Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury is one of those injuries that you never hear about until it happens to your pet. When is time to see the veterinarian, you are shocked when the vet tells you it is an ACL tear and the only option is surgery. Now, you have to spend between $3,000 and $5,000 on a surgery that is very invasive and risky with a low success rate. For humans with ACL injuries it is normally recommended that they use Orthopedic Braces to help with healing and surgery is a last resort. You decide to do your own research since you know there has to be other options. You find as you search online that there are Canine Orthopedic Braces available specifically for ACL injuries.

At WoundWear Inc. we make an Orthopedic brace for ACL injuries in dogs. A Canine Orthopedic Brace will help stabilize the knee so the joint is no longer unstable. This will help prevent the abnormal movement of the Femur and Tibia. The brace will stabilize the knee, allowing healthy scar tissue to begin to form over a 10-12 week period. More then 50% of the dogs with an ACL injury on one leg will tear the opposite hind leg within a year. This is as a result of the weight compensation that occurs with this type of injury. But with a non-invasive approach to recovery it will also greatly reduce the chance of an ACL tear on the opposite hind leg.

When a dog has surgery they must be off of the injured leg completely for around 12 weeks and the opposite leg is strained by all of the weight. The other issue is that the affected leg begins to atrophy from the lack of use. When you use a Canine Orthopedic Brace, the dog will be able to use the affected leg and therefore not compensate on the opposite leg. Also, they will be able to go on leash walks almost right away, which will allow the dog to use the leg muscle and atrophy will not occur.

There are no guarantees with any treatment for this injury but at WoundWear Inc. we believe a conservative approach should always be taken prior to any surgical procedures. A Canine Orthopedic Brace is a non-invasive, low risk and cost effective option for an ACL injury. It is not surprising after 15 years of making this product that so many people are hopping on the bandwagon!


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